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Paper Templates

Step 1   Please download   QIRT-Asia2019 Template”, and submit when you register through the system above.
Step 2   Please download “Copyright Transfer Form” and “Commercialism Form”. After filling in your information, Compress them and upload through the system.

Download   QIRT-Asia_2019_Template

Download   Copyright_Transfer

Download   Commercialism Form

Accommodations   Please make your own arrangements for hotel reservations. We do not provide accommodations.  Oookayama Sta. is located on Tokyu-Meguro line, Tokyu-Ohimachi line, Tokyo Metro-Nanboku line and Mita line.

VISA Information

If you need to apply for a visa to enter Japan, please contact the Secretariat at

We will send you a visa application form. The deadline for visa support application is May 31, 2019.   At the same time, you need to take the following steps.
1. Complete your registration with full payment of the fee
2. Reserve round-trip airline tickets
3. Reserve a Hotel for the full duration of your visit
Please check the website HERE to know if you need a visa and the visa application procedures.